Wits and Warfare is an innovative, fun and challenging game where players have to balance the strategic components of building a research laboratory and invading other labs for data, with the complexity of trivia. All the mad scientists around the world are competing with each other trying to prove the equation for the Universal Theory. Will you succeed where others have fallen? Or will your research become the footnotes in another scientist’s work?

Innovation Meets Fun

Without a doubt, Wits and Warfare is unlike any other game you have played before. Red Meat Games developed an artificial intelligence system, D.A.I.Sy, that dynamically changes gameplay based on players’ experience. Let’s face it, we all have areas of expertise so why not focus on honing them instead of subjects we know a lot less about. As you get deeper in your research, Wits and Warfare makes your experience so much more rewarding. But be careful, you will need more than just wits to make it through this war of mettle and nerves!

Creative Gameplay

Manage your resources!

  • Answer trivia questions to gain creative and logic resources to expand your lab
  • Use Dark Matter to speed up building times and get ahead of opponents

Focus on both your offence and defence!

  • Build traps and weapons to keep your research safe from invasion from other scientists
  • Create and upgrade your lab and minions so that you can steal other players’ hard work and set them back


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